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Natural Face Sponges 100% from right here just for us


Mindful Minerals Store-Supports Sponge Divers in Florida!
Premium 100% Natural Sponge for face or body.
Great for removing Mud Mask does not discolor the sponge washes away unlike a wash cloth.

Product Description

Description:  3 -4 Inch Sponge Silky for Face in Ribbon Bag.

(This Picture is a real photo of our sponges they are beautiful)

Sponge use: Anywhere there is water to gently wash face, body even great for baby’s sensitive skin.
Expiration Date: Does not Expire will not trap in bacteria like standard made body scrubs
Clean with Baking Soda and water if needed.

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    This Sponge is so good for your face it gently exfoliates and does not hold bacteria. For Dead Sea Mud Mask this is a awesome alternative to using a wash cloth that gets ruined in one use. With the Natural Sponge from the Sea it just washes away clean. Great for Babies too!

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